Guidelines for the submission of articles to Policy Corps

To give the context, Policy Corps is a platform for young minds to express their views in the form of blogs, field stories and photographs related to the development sector. We have just started our journey and the only thing we can offer you at this point of time, is a platform for your opinion pieces and the networks and space that you get through it. Thanks a lot for your support in advance.

Guidelines for the article:

  1. Number of words: 1000-1500 (excluding references).

  2. Timeline: Once the topic is decided, you can choose your start date as per your convenience. The expectation is that you'll let us know in advance on the timeline.

  3. Rounds of review/edits: Kindly be open to engage with maximum two rounds of review/edits between the first draft and the final version. We shall also be doing the edits and suggesting changes from our side between this.

  4. File format: Make sure that you share the writing in a word document format.

  5. References: Even though the article is an opinion piece, the referred materials should be acknowledged well.  For the academic papers reviewed for the writing, please use end notes and for the blogs and other online materials use the hyperlinks.

  6. Title:  Provide a catchy title that connects to the contents of the article which is ideally 7-10 words long.

  7. Avoiding conflict of interests: If you writing piece has information related to your organisation that you work with ( could be in the form of data acquired through organisation, narratives from the field etc) , make sure that you run your paper or field stories with your organisation to avoid the conflict of interest that could come in the future.

  8. Author details: We encourage you to share a short summary of yourself in maximum of three sentences, mentioning your affiliations to be given in the blog. Also provide either your twitter handle or Instagram link along with it. If you are comfortable, please share a photo to go next to "about the author".


Note: For any clarifications please write to us on


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